Got2Glow Fairy Pet Finder – Magic Fairy Jar Toy Includes 40+ Virtual Pets (Pink)

DISCOVER 40 plus NEW FAIRY PETS. Search for all-new fairy pets in your bedroom, in the garden, upside down, and even by your own pets – there’s always a new fairy around. Be sure to keep moving to new locations with different lighting to find all 80 plus fairy pets across both Pet Finders..Ideal for ages:5 years and up
FAIRY MAGIC. Open the lid on your Fairy Pet Finder and watch a magical light show as a virtual fairy pet finds its home inside your jar. The more you play with your Fairy Finder, the more fairy pets you’ll catch.
BONDING TIME. Say hello to your new pets by opening the lid and talking to them. Show them love with hugs and kisses…and don’t forget to feed them at dinner time.