Multifunctional Fruit and Vegetable washing machine, Fruit and Vegetable cleaner device, Capsule food purifier, Wireless charging food ionizer cleaner, Smart home Asian fruit and vegetable cleaning machine.

🥑【Effective Food/ Fruit/ Vegetable Cleaner】: Eat Healthy and Save your time with this cleaning gadget. The capsule machine generates OH-Ions to wash off any residues and dirt from the food you eat every day (meat, fruits, veggie, and rice). Tested to be more effective than using traditional washing methods.
🌽【Simple to use】: Press the power button and place the capsule in a 3-5L Capacity of Water for 10 minutes to start the food purifying process. High-energy ion purification technology, Creating Ozone wash using water as raw material, no chemical addition, and say no damage to food nutrition.
🍑【Durable and Safe】: The food purifier machine has a waterproof rating of IPX 7 with no water leakage, safe to use. easy to clean, the top shell cover can be removed for deep cleaning after each use. Can be used with Tap water, Filtered water, and other Different Water Quality.