The Original Doggy Bag™ Dog Travel Bag for Supplies with 2 Collapsible Dog Bowls, 2 Dog Food Travel Containers & Dog First Aid Kit for Emergencies with Pet First Aid Kit Book & Medical Supplies

The Original Doggy Bag! Treat your dog like family with our patented design that makes hitting the road with your best friend more fun! Featuring 2 large travel dog bowls with carabiners and 2 insulated dog food travel containers with leak-proof lining. Join thousands who call our Doggy Bag a “must have” for every dog owner.
Good Dogs Deserve Great Gear! Our removable divider and multiple pockets keep your and your dog’s essentials organized so you can carry the comforts of home on the go for your next beach, hiking, or overnight road trip! Trust our commitment to quality with our portable dog food travel bags with high-quality zippers & water-resistant fabric. A sustainable substitute for plastic bags!
They Trust You To Keep Them Safe! We designed this top-quality pet first aid kit for dogs & cats because we know how much they mean to you. Our pet emergency kits help you stay prepared and informed. Our dog and cat first aid kit includes only pet-focused essentials such as tick remover, extra gauze instead of sticky bandages, and a pet emergency kit handbook that doesn’t need internet access!